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How It Works

  1. The E-911 Dispatcher transmits the paging tones followed by a voice description of the incident and location.
  2. The SafAlert™ decodes the paging tones, sends an immediate text Pre-Alert (SMS) to members and begins recording the voice audio.
  3. When the audio recording is complete, SafAlert™ sends the alert message with audio attachment (MMS) to members.
  4. Members receive both Pre-Alerts (SMS) and Audio Dispatches (MMS) on their mobile phones and play back recorded messages.

The SafAlert™ Client listens for specific tones, then alerts users in several different ways as desired. Visual and audible local alarms get attention on site, and email and MMS (mobile) alerts may be delivered to almost any mobile phone or computer within seconds.* Recorded dispatch audio may be attached to emails for instant replay on mobile phone or office computer.

Many individuals live, work and travel in areas where radio coverage is limited, or don't carry a pager. It's all too easy to miss a critical call, especially in rural areas, even when wearing a pager. SafAlert™ Text+Audio notification can bridge the communications gap and help prevent missed calls. You can even receive pages while visiting another city, state or country.

Cellular networks have far greater coverage than any 2-way radio system, and include an automatic store-and-forward system for Text / MMS messages. If you do happen to outside the service area when the alert is sent, the cell carrier will hold the message until you are back in range of a tower, then deliver it immediately.* If there are any errors in reception, you phone will request the missing data be repeated until the entire message is received perfectly. It's a very robust system.

* Note: Once a message has been sent, there is no way to control speed of delivery over the carrier network. SMS messages are usually delivered within 1-10 seconds. Audio alerts can take longer and require a data connection.