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  • Fully automated system for unattended operation.
  • Manage the system anytime, anywhere through the management console.
  • Receive Audio Recordings + Text messages (MMS) on your mobile device or computer.
  • Instant "pre-alerts" sent when a Tone Page is received.
  • Lets your mobile device act like a Voice Pager.
  • Correctly handles "stacked pages" when two or more agencies are dispatched for the same call, and delivers alerts to the appropriate personnel.
  • Dispatch history maintained for future reference.
  • Supports multiple agencies and radio channels on a single system.
  • Very fast and robust. All messaging handled by our servers in the cloud.
  • Members can maintain their own profiles via
  • Administrators and designated personel can instantly send text alerts from any connected device.
  • Redundant servers and failover support for maximum availability and reliability
  • Support for sending text notifications through the management console.
  • Manual or CAD text alerts can include a street address with clickable map link.